cattle antibiotic, swine anthelmintic, oultry feed additives, swine Antiprotozoal

  • Antibacterial / antibiotic
  • Medication for an animal with a prescription

Ambrosin Max

Ambrosin Max


  • Special
  • High-concentration ampicillin treatment that melts well and be absorbed quickly
    • As water-soluble powder with excellent solubility, it melts well in water even when diluting into a high concentration form, making it convenient to administer with drinking water
    • Fast absorption and rapid diffusion into body tissues and body fluids for rapid efficacy
  • Main
  • (Each 1kg contains) 200g of ampicillin hydrate (titer)
  • Efficacy /
  • Prevention and treatment of the following bacterial diseases susceptible to ampicillin
    A. Calf, pig
    - Bacterial diarrhea

    B. Chicken
    - Colibacillosis (E. coli)
  • Usage /
  • A. Calf
    - 2~7.5g of this agent per 100kg of body weight per day

    B. Pig
    - 0.25~1g of this agent per 10kg of body weight per day

    C. Chicken
    - 0.5~1g of this agent per 10kg of body weight per day shal be mixed with drinking water or feed and administered orally
  • Withdrawal period
  • Cow, pig - 5 days
    Chicken - 3 days (do not use for milking cows and spawning chickens)
  • Effective
  • 24 months from the date of manufacture
  • Storage
  • Store at a shaded and dry place at room temperature (1~30°C)
  • Packing
  • 1kg